Disruptive Education -The 21st Century Educational Model - the voice of Adeeba Waseem 

The jury stands divided on whether the disruptive educational model is a blessing in disguise or unproductive. While there is a certain narrative that proclaims online teaching as ineffective yet if you explore deeper you will realize it is the other way around. Allow me to explain why I, as an educ...

Painting with Words - the voice of Phil Ferguson

Our writing lessons start with two questions: Why do I want to write today? And how do I want to write it?


There are many reasons why you might have the urge to write. Perhaps you feel you want to teach something to somebody - something you know a lot about and want to share, or maybe jus...

Teachers who make a difference in our lives - the voice of Faiza Sirohey 

We have all had outstanding teachers! These teachers make learning a lively experience because of their wonderful qualities. I remember studying Chemistry with enthusiasm in High School since my teacher Mrs. Farzana taught it well and with a smile.


Have you ever wondered what makes a teacher o...

My VoFG Writing Journey - the voice of Saira Thomas
It all started at the beginning of 2020, when I was in 4th Grade. One day, my English teacher asked if I was interested in participating in a story writing competition. I was thrilled because story writing is something that I enjoy a lot.
Imagine a world without teachers - the voice of Shama Noman

Not such a far-fetched idea you’d say, considering the changing world and the engagement of artificial intelligence and smart knowledge engineering. Robots are taking over the talking. A specified software to deliver the curriculum and the freedom to change your chatbot! Undoubtedly, Science and tec...

"We Are Going to Space!" - the voice of Sultan AlNeyadi
Probably one of the most memorable moments of my life is when I was watching the night sky back in the 80’s. Back then the sky looked different indeed and the “milky way” name of our magnificent galaxy made an absolute sense.
The SDG closest to my Heart - the voice of Huda Shaka
Out of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, it is Goal 11 (Sustainable Cities) that speaks the loudest to me.
Climate action and protection of life on land - the voice of Nico Roman
Climate change and biodiversity loss are real, dangerous and urgent. As children, we are trying very hard to be heard, locally and globally, to stop the suffering and losses from getting even worse.
Our World - Through the Lens - the voice of the secretariat of the UAE National Committee on SDGs 
We have all heard the saying ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’, and to that we would add, ‘a picture can change the world’.
Education before and after COVID-19 - the voice of Bella Morrisseau
Kids and teachers knew about the Coronavirus, and at first the kids made jokes about it, but they stopped once it got serious.
International Youth Day - the voice of Habiba Al Mar'ashi 
International Youth Day is celebrated every year on the 12th of August, and this day, the world comes together to celebrate and draw attention to the different issues surrounding the youth.
Sea-Turtle Rescue in the UAE - the voice of Gerhaud Beukes 

Many a life lesson has been taught to me by the animals that I have been fortunate enough to work with in my 23- year career as a Marine Biologist.

Nowhere has this been more apparent than here in the U.A.E, where Jumeirah Group proudly supports and provides resources for the Dubai Turtle Rehabilitat...

International Day for Indigenous People - the voice of Tony Juniper 

Our world today is a tapestry woven of threads of history, culture and ideas that stretch back to dawn of humankind. 


I live in England, and sometimes try to imagine what people who lived here thousands of years ago would have thought and believed. I wonder if they might have been like som...

Straight out of Wezi’s mind - the voice of Wezi Emmanuel Chilubanama 


Hi, I am Wezi and here is my rule book on fairness and justice for children, please enjoy!


One of my favourite answers when I am asked to do something is that “It’s not fair”! Sometimes I do not even understand what it means to be fair, but I just feel that children should always be allow...

The International Day of Friendship - the voice of Stephen Ritz

One of the best lessons I’ve learned in UAE via my dear friend Dr. Abdulla al Karam of KHDA is that “the desire for happiness is what binds us all together” and while we all have different experiences and expectations, friendship is the secret sauce that makes our world and our lives so delicious an...

The Arabian Horse - the voice of Martin Kiszko

There once was a king who had a great kingdom,

But the land was polluted, ravaged and more —

Wildlife was scarce, habitats plundered,

Everything rotten right to the core.


The king called philosophers, scholars, advisors, 

He summoned his sages sagacious and wise,

He bade them ...

Gender Equality - the voice of Anisa Daniel Oniko
I recently had a conversation with my father about gender equality. And it was interesting to see that the topic can mean different things to different people.
The voice of DrJane Goodall

VOFG provides a wonderful opportunity to encourage and inspire young people to communicate their passion for the issues that interest them – the natural world, the right of children, or animals and so on - through the powerful medium of words.  It highlights the importance of getting our youth ...

The Young Falconer - a short story by the Hamdan bin Mohammed Heritage Centre
Every weekend, Hamad indulges in cultural activities with his father, particularly during winter.
Life in Taiwan during Lockdown - the voice of Ying-Xuan Lai
When people get stuck at home during quarantine, domestic cats need to get used to being bothered by human.