Painting with Words - the voice of Phil Ferguson

Painting with Words - the voice of Phil Ferguson

07.12.20 10:07 AM By Voices of Future Generations

Painting with Words

Our writing lessons start with two questions: Why do I want to write today? And how do I want to write it?


There are many reasons why you might have the urge to write. Perhaps you feel you want to teach something to somebody - something you know a lot about and want to share, or maybe just offer some advice about. So write some information and an explanation, perhaps a set of instructions. You’ll be teaching yourself too!

Does something need changing in your life?  Write a letter to someone with some power asking them to help. Writing can be a great way to get something done. It doesn’t always succeed, but it’s certainly worth trying!

Everyone loves a good story. Perhaps you’ve got an idea for one in your head - something funny maybe, or thrilling or scary. Could be a true story about something amusing or shocking that actually happened to you. Go ahead and be entertaining, you might also feel like being poetic today - we call it ‘painting with words.’ You can write a poem about any subject on earth, and of course you can paint with words in all kinds of writing, even if it’s just instructions. Try it!

Maybe today you have the urge to record something that happened to someone in the past, or something someone did that not many people know about. Writing it down means that little piece of history won’t be lost or forgotten. And possibly you feel like simply putting your own thoughts about something down on paper. Writing helps you think, feel and wonder about things. It helps sort out the muddles in your mind (always a good thing).

So, once you know why you want to write today and how you’re going to write it, you’re good to go.

Voice of Phil Ferguson

Hello, I’m Phil Ferguson. I’ve always written stuff, even when I was little - stories, plays, and once I started a magazine - with me as the only contributor. I thought I’d grow up to be a writer, but instead I became a teacher. I write just as much now!

Phil Ferguson has done two MAs, one in Linguistics and the other in Children’s Literature. She has also co-authored two books: 

Voices of Future Generations