Passionate about giving back to the community? Interested in helping imagine a more sustainable future? 

Want to empower young people through creative writing?

Then we’re looking for you!

Since it’s inception, Voices of Future Generations (VoFG) Arabia has helped many children find their voices and express their vision as they’ve explored what a greener, more accessible world could look like. But as we continue to grow and expand, we’ve realised that a mission like this needs more than a team to make it happen. It needs a whole village.

So whether you’re a student looking to gain community service credits, or someone looking to take part in a worthy cause during their free time, there’s plenty of opportunities!   

Volunteer Requirements

Be 16 years or older. Or 18 years and older for volunteers of determination.

     Be 16 years 

or older

 Passion for 
empowering youth

Commit and deliver volunteer hours 

Be fluent in Arabic 

or English

Before applying to become a volunteer, make sure you fit the requirements:

Volunteer Roles

So whether you’re a student looking to gain community service credits, or someone looking to take part in a worthy cause during their free time, there’s plenty of opportunities to get involved either in person or online:

In-Person Opportunities

Virtual Opportunities

Team Leaders:  Oversee and guide smaller teams in various field activities that promote sustainability and empower young writers. Ensure activities align with VoFG's themes and connect them to relevant Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). (Experienced volunteers preferred.) 

Event Support:  Assist with event setup, logistics, and participant engagement at VoFG events, incorporating elements that highlight sustainability and fostering creativity in young writers. (Great for first-time volunteers!) 

Children's Programme Facilitators:  Lead engaging activities and workshops for children focused on sustainability and creative expression. Help them connect these themes and explore their ideas through writing stories. (Experience working with children a plus!)

Social Media Champions:  Amplify VoFG's message and engage our audience on social media platforms, highlighting the connection between sustainability and fostering young writers. (Ideal for marketing and social media enthusiasts!) 

Content Creators:  Assist with developing content for VoFG's website and social media channels, including writing stories that promote sustainability for young audiences, creating infographics about sustainability and creative writing, or even video scripting that showcases young writers. (Perfect for anyone with sharp writing skills and a deep understanding of sustainability!) 

Editors, Translators & Proofreaders:  Help ensure the quality and clarity of VoFG's content across languages, including stories submitted to our annual anthology, Young Voices of Arabia. This may involve editing content for grammar, clarity, and adherence to VoFG's style guide, translating content for a wider audience, or proofreading final versions for any errors. (A great fit for people with strong language skills, attention to detail, and an understanding of sustainability!) 

Author Workshop Facilitators:  Lead online workshops for young writers, focusing on developing creative writing skills and exploring themes related to sustainability. (Ideal for those with experience in creative writing and online facilitation, along with a passion for youth development!) 

Story Sifters:  Unearth the next generation of literary talent! Review submissions to VoFG's writing competition, searching for exceptional stories that champion sustainability and showcase young writers' potential. Identify gifted young writers with a passion for storytelling. (A good fit for anyone with a keen eye for literary talent and an interest in reading children’s creative writing!)

Volunteer Recognition

All VoFG volunteers who complete their assigned volunteer hours will receive a certificate of appreciation acknowledging their valuable contribution to our mission.

Additionally, upon successful completion of your volunteer term, you'll be invited to participate in all VoFG official ceremonies, including award presentations and recognition events.

Be 16 years or older. Or 18 years and older for volunteers of determination.

Certificate of appreciation

Be 16 years or older. Or 18 years and older for volunteers of determination.

Invites to VoFG events

How to Apply:

VoFG volunteers are accepted on a rolling basis, so we encourage applications throughout the year.

To submit an application, fill out the form below.

You will then receive an email confirming that your application was submitted successfully.

Shortlisted candidates may be contacted for interviews at any point during the year depending on volunteer 

needs and programme availability.

Important Notes:

●  Places are limited, but applications are reviewed on an ongoing basis.

●  Past VoFG volunteers must re-register annually with updated information.

●  We do not offer visa assistance, travel/accommodation support, or cover additional expenses.


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Volunteer Testimonials

This is my third year as a sifter for the VOFG competition. The whole experience has been fantastic, with great support from the VOFG team. They provided training to get me started and were always available via email or phone call while I was sifting.

I'm constantly amazed by the quality of some of the stories entered and how passionate some of today's young people are about the future of the planet.

- Denise Moore

I personally had a great time volunteering with VOFG. The tasks the leading team gave me were clear and easy to follow during the event. The team was supportive and always happy to help. They had a great deal of knowledge and a kind approach.

From greeting families, students, friends, and all visitors to the performances, right up to ending the event with wide, priceless smiles and fascinated faces, it was a moment filled with joy. The joy of discovering the great contribution and act of service, and also the joy of indulging in the peak of the magnificent minds of the younger generation.

- Huyam Musa