Imagine a world without teachers - the voice of Shama Noman

05.10.20 12:45 PM By Voices of Future Generations

Not such a far-fetched idea you’d say, considering the changing world and the engagement of artificial intelligence and smart knowledge engineering. Robots are taking over the talking. A specified software to deliver the curriculum and the freedom to change your chatbot! Undoubtedly, Science and technology are tools integral to human development. And while Science explains the matter, technology is all about the experience, a digital transformation.

But before we measure our readiness to live in a world without teachers, we must pause and ask ourselves the following questions: Are we ready to hand over our fate to a faceless machine? Do we agree on forfeiting our human connections? Will technology support our ethics while allowing us to exercise our free will?

If you struggle with answering these questions, walk into a classroom today.

The teacher will be waiting for you, so do not be late. She has carved certain expectations because she believes in your abilities. You love craftwork, so she has added in some kinesthetic activities to customize your experience. She has jotted down a plan for the day but is ready to make modifications if you are experiencing a personal struggle. She can read your sorrow and will lend you an ear to drown all your pain. She knows that your academic performance isn’t just about your grade; your narrative also influences it, and where you stand in life. She will not judge you. Trust, conviction, expectation, persuasion, and hope will create a relationship that will place human happiness and well-being on top.

Your teacher will remind you of your talents when you’re feeling unsure. She will scan every stationery shop to buy the right tools for you to start polishing your skills. When you stand up to speak in front of the classroom, she will nod her head in agreement to get you started. She will filter all the negativity and replace it with assurance and optimism. Later, you will find a personalized note left at your table, praising you for displaying courage and confidence.

Yes, teachers deliver the curriculum, but they also nurture future generations. They hold strong ethics and are navigated by a sound moral compass. They transform learning into curiosity and exploration, not just of the subject, but of self. They recognize the rights of the children to express their free will, having opinions, contradicting ideas and perpetuating solutions. Teachers infuse patience for discussion, collaboration and a sense of acceptance for the incomplete and the unresolved.

So even though it is possible to imagine a world without teachers, just because we can, doesn’t mean we should!

A world without teachers will be a world without humanity.

Happy Teacher’s Day 2020!

Voice of Shama Noman

Shama Noman is an educator with 17 years of classroom experience in the UAE. She is a strong advocate of Children’s Rights and her passion lies in helping young learners embrace their unique voices and expression. As English Project Manager for Voices of Future Generations for the Middle East Region, she is committed to contribute positively to the global goals and raise a generation of analytical and empathetic children who become architects of their own sustainable future.