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Winners of the inaugural of the Voices of Future Generations competition in the Middle East now published internationally. 

Saira Thomas is a bubbly, friendly girl from Sharjah. Her favourite hobby is reading and she aspires to become a world-renowned author. Her dream is to popularise vegetarianism because she believes that it can make the world a better place. 

Using striking imagery, The Green Warrior authentically captures the UAE’s desert surroundings. The story plot encourages young readers to begin to think critically about nature conservation and believe in their abilities to make a difference. The author is clearly ready to face all challenges and battle it out for a more sustainable and greener planet.

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Saoud Ahmed Alkaabi is a chess lover from the Omair bin Abi Waqas School. He loves chess because it is a game of intelligent people, and he is a companion of words who loves to read and write. He aspires to become in the future a police officer who helps in keeping community safe and secure. He believes that the world is for everyone and all are equal and deserve to live in peace. 

Saoud and Chess Game features two themes that are very important to the future generations: the abandonment of racial discrimination and tolerance, SDG 10 “Reduce Inequalities”. It also addresses the issue of bullying that some children face in their daily life. A story that demonstrates an important point of view through thought-provoking dialogues.
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The regional anthologies

Celebrate the winners of the Middle East’s Voices of Future Generations competition in these adventure-packed anthologies. Collecting the all the winners of the competition, these beautifully illustrated volumes features journeys under the sea and into space, explorations of traditional and ultra-modern corners of the region, and countless acts of kindness and bravery.

Above all, it demonstrates the dedication of these young writers to changing the world through the UN Sustainable Development Goals. No matter how magical the adventure, each story features realistic actions that any young person can take. 

​The first anthology

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​The second anthology

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The book Young Voices of Arabia contains all the winning entries, and shares a hopeful vision for the future. Take a look, and perhaps you will feel inspired to write a story too!