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I Write

The independent writing plan

This is the top tip for parents of children wanting to enter the competition independently. This could be for children whose schools are not promoting the competition or children who are homeschooled and want to give themselves the best chance of success.

Register for this programme and you will receive:

  • fantastic writing resources 
  • invitations to six virtual webinars 
  • two dedicated Q&A sessions
  • the opportunity to register for a physical workshop in your Emirate
  • valuable email reminders to help you along the way.
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We Write

The talent maximizing plan for 

schools and teachers

Calling schools and teachers wanting to give their students the best chance of becoming published authors! Register a minimum of 30 students, age 8-12, and receive:

  • a special session for the teacher(s) 
  • a dedicated workshop for 30 gifted writers during the school day. Each school entering their 30 stories within one month also gets its top three entries put forward for the Gifted Writers Programme. (See below)
  • a certificate for the school in recognition of their commitment to teaching their students about the value of the SDGs and literature.
  • Teachers registering the most quality entries are also rewarded for their efforts with certificates and prizes!

This is the best way of turning your talented students into serious contenders for the top spot in the writing competition, while enjoying writing and learning more about sustainability. 

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The Gifted Writers' Programme

The VoFG Gifted Writers' Programme aims to foster a love of writing. This programme identifies raw writing talent that can be honed with the assistance and support of the VoFG Education team. The one-on-one feedback given to these talented writers allows them to review their story draughts with a more analytical eye and a more focused approach. The feedback makes them aware of their writing abilities and storytelling potential.

One of the most amazing competitions by far that I have taken part in. Not only is it a very interesting competition, but it lets students put a lot of effort into research and learn new topics about the Sustainable Development Goals (the SDGs).

- Programme Participant

The VoFG Writers' Journey Programme

The VoFG Writers' Journey is a programme that encourages each round's shortlisted winning child authors to continue writing stories and submitting them for professional editor feedback. The programme aims to highlight and celebrate the child author's writing strengths while also providing constructive critique, tips, and strategies to help them on their writing journey as self-aware and informed writers.