The Arabian Horse - the voice of Martin Kiszko

09.07.20 09:00 AM By Voices of Future Generations

The Arabian Horse (The Thousand and Second Tale from the Arabian Nights)

There once was a king who had a great kingdom,

But the land was polluted, ravaged and more —

Wildlife was scarce, habitats plundered,

Everything rotten right to the core.


The king called philosophers, scholars, advisors, 

He summoned his sages sagacious and wise,

He bade them give counsel to their great ruler

On how he might greenly shepherd and guide.


But one was away on a shopping excursion

Others were flying to faraway lands,

Two thought the issue not of importance

And one chose to put his head in the sand.


Yet, heeding the call, almost by chance,

The king’s horse approached with a delicate prance,

And as if magic was truly the source,

Words came forth from the Arabian horse.


‘This is my counsel, be like me my king,

Intelligent, ready to learn everything,

See for yourself what is happening out there,

Work out a way to clean up the air.


Take one of my attributes: being alert,

Stay attuned to Earth and how she is hurt.

Be prepared, battle ready and take up the gauntlet

Against those who seek to ruin our planet.


Pay heed to your servant, your friend and your steed,

Remember my gallop, agility, speed,

Quickness and fleetness in hoof and in brain,

Be swift in your actions to affect change.


Courage I’ve shown against many a foe,

As recounted in tales scribed long ago.

Tenacity, daring, and spirit oh sire,

Are required to ride over climate deniers.


Last is the endurance I have in a race,

Likewise be strong and keep up the pace,

Run on a course with eco-aims,

That will win you first place and green kingly fame.


One more thing…


Muhammad raced horses to pools in the ground,

When called back midway, only five turned around,

The Al Khamsa were loyal — thinking not about self,

Can we be the same when Earth calls for our help?’


So ends the tale of a stallion and king,

And equine counsel on eco things,

The story’s moral is, of course,

Develop the traits of the Arabian horse!



c. 2020 Martin Kiszko. 

I’m so pleased to support and fly the flag for Voices of Future Generations. At no time is it more important to encourage young writers to produce stories and poems to help a new generation grasp the environmental challenges facing us and encourage a search for solutions to create a sustainable future for all.

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