Teachers who make a difference in our lives - the voice of Faiza Sirohey 

19.11.20 01:39 PM By Voices of Future Generations

Teachers who make a difference in our lives - the voice of Faiza Sirohey 

We have all had outstanding teachers! These teachers make learning a lively experience because of their wonderful qualities. I remember studying Chemistry with enthusiasm in High School since my teacher Mrs. Farzana taught it well and with a smile.


Have you ever wondered what makes a teacher outstanding?


Is it their communication—verbal and nonverbal?


The ability to communicate is indeed the top skill of a successful teacher! Dawn Metcalfe and Sarah Bahar in their book 'The Possibilities Project,' explain that our ability to communicate is critical to our success— whether it's for solving problems, displaying leadership capabilities, being creative, working well in a team, or working under pressure.


It works wonders in the classroom too! Let us explore why.  When a good teacher listens with empathy, he/she tries to connect with their students who, as a result, feel understood and nurtured. Also, when they teach their subject, they explain it well and make it interesting. In addition to that, their facial expression, tone of voice, and body language are reassuring showing that they believe in their students.


What is the second most important quality of great teachers?


It is their curiosity for lifelong learning. In the words of Walt Disney, “We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we are curious.”


When a teacher demonstrates a love for learning by trying new ideas and adopting advancements in their fields, he/she passes on a positive attitude towards acquiring knowledge and skills to the students. These teachers seek to understand their own strengths and weaknesses to work on areas of improvement. Moreover, they enjoy and gain from the energy and abilities of their students.


Students always remember their outstanding teachers because those teachers made a difference in their lives.


These teachers established a connection with their students and remained ardent learners themselves.

Voice of Faiza Sirohey

Faiza Sirohey is currently homeschooling her son Abrar along with taking care of her family. Her vision is to see children, including her own, as individuals who create positive change in themselves and in their environment. She believes that learning continues well beyond any age limit, hence she is a learner along with her children. She strives to become a better version of herself each day.