Straight out of Wezi’s mind - the voice of Wezi Emmanuel Chilubanama 

30.07.20 08:57 AM By Voices of Future Generations

A rule book on fairness and justice for children.


Hi, I am Wezi and here is my rule book on fairness and justice for children, please enjoy!


One of my favourite answers when I am asked to do something is that “It’s not fair”! Sometimes I do not even understand what it means to be fair, but I just feel that children should always be allowed to do what they want! I have realised that as children we just think about the nice playful things we are doing at the moment and not necessarily about our future! It is important to have rules that promote fairness and justice for children, so I had a go at making some! 


1. Parents, adults and teachers should be open-minded by allowing discussions and listening to children’s views and not shout at them for no reason.

2. Children should be obedient and respectful to elders and their fellow children. 

3. Playing time is important but should be balanced with other activities. 

4. Children must think about and respect what is best for everyone instead of just thinking about themselves all the time. This will help future generations to appreciate nature.

5. Children should take care of their environment because, as the age-old adage goes, ‘charity begins at home’! This means that children should look after vegetation like fruit trees, flowers and all growing plants in order to avoid effects of climate change.

6. Children should be protected from gender-based violence at home and everywhere. 

7. Parents should teach children how to uphold good family values and principles so that children can live in a society where they are well-cultured. 

Wezi Emmanuel Chilubanama is 10 years old and is in sixth grade. Wezi is passionate about the environment and nature. He loves gardening and keeping clean and tidy surroundings. As the UN Child Ambassador for the SDGs (Africa), Wezi is focusing on ways to eradicate poverty and embrace equality between girls and boys.