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International Day for Indigenous People - the voice of Tony Juniper 

Our world today is a tapestry woven of threads of history, culture and ideas that stretch back to dawn of humankind. 


I live in England, and sometimes try to imagine what people who lived here thousands of years ago would have thought and believed. I wonder if they might have been like som...

Straight out of Wezi’s mind - the voice of Wezi Emmanuel Chilubanama 


Hi, I am Wezi and here is my rule book on fairness and justice for children, please enjoy!


One of my favourite answers when I am asked to do something is that “It’s not fair”! Sometimes I do not even understand what it means to be fair, but I just feel that children should always be allow...

The Arabian Horse - the voice of Martin Kiszko

There once was a king who had a great kingdom,

But the land was polluted, ravaged and more —

Wildlife was scarce, habitats plundered,

Everything rotten right to the core.


The king called philosophers, scholars, advisors, 

He summoned his sages sagacious and wise,

He bade them ...

Gender Equality - the voice of Anisa Daniel Oniko
I recently had a conversation with my father about gender equality. And it was interesting to see that the topic can mean different things to different people.
The voice of DrJane Goodall

VOFG provides a wonderful opportunity to encourage and inspire young people to communicate their passion for the issues that interest them – the natural world, the right of children, or animals and so on - through the powerful medium of words.  It highlights the importance of getting our youth ...

The Young Falconer - a short story by the Hamdan bin Mohammed Heritage Centre
Every weekend, Hamad indulges in cultural activities with his father, particularly during winter.
Life in Taiwan during Lockdown - the voice of Ying-Xuan Lai
When people get stuck at home during quarantine, domestic cats need to get used to being bothered by human.
“Diversity  .. Brings Us Together”  - the voice of Hessa Almehairi
I was so proud that they graduated knowing and fully understanding how diversity can bring us together! The love, tolerance and support they gave that little child, helped us all to grow emotionally and socially!
Bee Buzziness - the voice of Tamreez Inam
Have you ever heard that without bees it would be almost impossible for humans to survive? It’s because bees are the most important pollinators in the world, essential for growing crops that we need for our food. Bees transfer pollen from flower to flower which allows plants to grow seeds and fruit.
Seven things we've learned as a family through the Covid-19 Lockdown - the voice of Rachel Hamilton
I’ve got two teenage kids, and a husband on the ‘highly vulnerable’ list. We’ve all been locked in the house together for almost two months.
Finding inspiration: nature, books and community - the voice of HH Sheikha Hissa bint Hamdan Bin Rashid Al Maktoum
The reason I wrote my book was because I like stories; I love a good story, and I enjoy sharing them. Although there is nothing wrong with make-believe ones, mine were real experiences that I loved to share with others.
Covid 19 stories and my Superheroes! - the voice of Jennifer Malton
If I were a superhero, would I still be saving the world during the lockdown? Would I need to self-distance, wear a mask and gloves?
The SDG closest to my Heart - the voice of Colette Barr
I believe that all 17 of the SDGs are extremely important and it is exceptionally difficult to say which one is closest to my heart. They are all of critical priority.
Earth Day - the voice of Julia Johnson
In these strange and difficult times I’m trying to surround myself with cheerful, normal things. I buy flowers, daffodils and tulips, to remind me of home.
How do you envision creative spaces? - the voice of Aedan Lake
Most of us are stuck at home right now, and those that are not are working in essential jobs keeping our society functioning, whether that means caring for COVID-19 patients or stocking supermarket shelves or sanitising our streets and buildings.
What does inclusion mean to YOU and what are the three key characteristics of an inclusive society? - the voice of Isobel Abulhoul
When I think about inclusion, I look around me, in the workplace, at schools, in the retail environment, and I think how lucky we are in the UAE to have more than 200 nationalities calling this country home.