The SDG closest to my Heart - the voice of Colette Barr

21.04.20 05:26 PM By Voices of Future Generations

Earth Day

I believe that all 17 of the SDGs are extremely important and it is exceptionally difficult to say which one is closest to my heart. They are all of critical priority. However, I do believe there are some SDGs which we can take some immediate direct responsibility for as individuals such as  number thirteen, Climate Action. In the UAE, like many rich nations, we generally have a convenience culture and throwaway lifestyle which means it can be easy to overlook the impact many of our every-day choices are having on the environment. By raising awareness of the causes of climate change and by talking, reading, writing, drawing about it we can all start to make more informed decisions about how we live our lives. We can make more conscious choices every day as individuals and really make a positive impact on our planet by taking action. That’s how The Eco-heroes were born.

Voice of Colette Barr, founder of Save Our World and author of The Eco-heroes book series