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Reading holds a certain magic that transports us to distant lands, introduces us to fascinating characters, and immerses us in diverse cultures—all from the comfort of our favourite chair. Words possess an incredible power: they can heal, inspire, and uplift. With this understanding, on June 7, 2024...

Finding Your Roar - Voice of Hannah Gold

My dream was always to be a children’s author. To one day be able to walk into a bookshop and see MY books on the shelves – to see my stories and my voice out in the world. There was one small problem. As a child I was chronically shy. So shy, I was too afraid to speak up in class or ever share any ...

Mindfulness: A path to a Kinder You and a Better World - Voice of Ivy B. Ogbu

Hey there, awesome young minds! Ever wondered how you can make a big difference in our world? Being a changemaker sounds like a big task with big shoes to fill. Well, I've got a somewhat easier but very impactful secret for you: it's all about something called "mindfulness," and ...

Why we are bringing whales to Dubai - Voice of Chris Vick

What produces half of all the oxygen we breathe and absorbs huge amounts of carbon?


What, if we had more of them, could help solve the climate crisis?


Are you thinking trees?  You’d be half right. But the ocean is working just as hard as the forests, soaking up vast amounts of the car...

Can Your #Maincharacter Change The Story Of The Future? - the voice of K D Adamson

Are you a #maincharacter? Do you have #maincharacterenergy? It’s a BIG hashtag right now. It means being the main character of your own life, actively taking control and focusing first and foremost on yourself, your wants and desires.

#Maincharacter says that the most important thing is us, and what ...

Sustainable Vision - the voice of Inayah Fathima Faeez

What do you think of when you consider a sustainable future?



There are loads of things we can do for this achievement, which is necessary considering the dire need for action against climate change today. Action is key.

Each one of us have different visions of a better future, ...

Tough plants for a tough place - the voice of Mark Tester

I hope you’ve eaten today. And yesterday.

Do you know - all your food comes from plants, or from animals that have eaten plants. Without plants, there’d be no life – no us!

For all our food, we need to be able to grow plants – lots of them. Billions of them.

But in the Middle East, and many other hot d...

Lets Save Our Oceans - the voice of Abrar Ahmed Sirohey

Life below water (SDG 14) and clean water and sanitation (SDG 6) are extremely important goals that demand immediate attention. Whole ecosystems and economies, not to mention cultures and cities are at risk of collapse.


The 2021 UN SDG goals report states that on average only 1.2 % of nat...

Furry Fabulous - the voice of Ali Sparkes

This is Willow, my dog. When she arrived as a puppy she totally messed up my life… in a good way.

Lots of my author friends have dogs or cats or other pets and we often put our favourites into a story. I think animals inject a magical energy into our writing. My Shapeshifter series features a boy who...

How to spend a trillion dollars - the voice of Rowan Hooper

I’ve had a daydream since I was young: if I suddenly became fabulously rich, what would I spend my money on? And while most of us will never have the opportunity to indulge on a massive scale, there is a lot of money out there, sloshing around in the world economy. A lot of it doesn’t seem to be doi...

 Callum the Camel: the Dromedary of the Draa - the voice of Alice Morrison 

Hello. My name is Callum the Camel and I am from Morocco in the north of Africa. Full disclosure – I am not a camel because they have two humps, I am a dromedary but humans are very bad at names. They call me a camel and it’s stuck. I don’t mind too much since some of my best mates are camels, and a...

Animals, Money and More - the voice of Dhruti Shah

When I was very little, much like many other children, I had a piggy bank in my room in London in the UK. I’d save up my pennies and my pound coins and think of all the wonderful books I’d be able to buy the next time we went to the shops. Sometimes if it was a really special book, and I couldn’t wa...

My VoFG Writing Journey - the voice of Saira Thomas
It all started at the beginning of 2020, when I was in 4th Grade. One day, my English teacher asked if I was interested in participating in a story writing competition. I was thrilled because story writing is something that I enjoy a lot.
"We Are Going to Space!" - the voice of Sultan AlNeyadi
Probably one of the most memorable moments of my life is when I was watching the night sky back in the 80’s. Back then the sky looked different indeed and the “milky way” name of our magnificent galaxy made an absolute sense.
The SDG closest to my Heart - the voice of Huda Shaka
Out of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, it is Goal 11 (Sustainable Cities) that speaks the loudest to me.
Climate action and protection of life on land - the voice of Nico Roman
Climate change and biodiversity loss are real, dangerous and urgent. As children, we are trying very hard to be heard, locally and globally, to stop the suffering and losses from getting even worse.
Our World - Through the Lens - the voice of the secretariat of the UAE National Committee on SDGs 
We have all heard the saying ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’, and to that we would add, ‘a picture can change the world’.
Education before and after COVID-19 - the voice of Bella Morrisseau
Kids and teachers knew about the Coronavirus, and at first the kids made jokes about it, but they stopped once it got serious.
International Youth Day - the voice of Habiba Al Mar'ashi 
International Youth Day is celebrated every year on the 12th of August, and this day, the world comes together to celebrate and draw attention to the different issues surrounding the youth.
Sea-Turtle Rescue in the UAE - the voice of Gerhaud Beukes 

Many a life lesson has been taught to me by the animals that I have been fortunate enough to work with in my 23- year career as a Marine Biologist.

Nowhere has this been more apparent than here in the U.A.E, where Jumeirah Group proudly supports and provides resources for the Dubai Turtle Rehabilitat...