Sustainable Vision - the voice of Inayah Fathima Faeez

Sustainable Vision - the voice of Inayah Fathima Faeez

03.01.23 01:44 PM By Voices of Future Generations

Sustainable Vision

What do you think of when you consider a sustainable future?



There are loads of things we can do for this achievement, which is necessary considering the dire need for action against climate change today. Action is key.

Each one of us have different visions of a better future, a welcoming future for the generations to come, and each of our voices matter. For me, a better future, is a sustainable one. A one where everyone is a friend to the planet.


It is our responsibility to make sure that the future generations can see this. To achieve sustainability, the first thing we may require, is awareness. It is a very valuable tool we can use to begin laying the foundations for an eco-friendly world.


My vision of a sustainable future has a little bit of everything in it. It involves sustainable cities, based around all 17 of the sustainable development goals. It is important to begin by giving equality to everyone (even animals), so no one feels unvalidated or like their visions do not matter. All genders, races and ages must live together in harmony. Once we achieve this, we have peace, which leads to the people coming together to share their voices confidently. In the future, I wish to see solar powered buildings, more youth-led initiatives so that children may be treated with the same value, proper waste management (which includes materials being sorted into their proper bins), and food security.


But these are ideas that exist. To bring stronger sustainable communities to life, we must add our own unique touch. You should never be afraid to speak up. This is a fight against climate change, this is a fight we’re all supposed to be warriors for. Your voice matters. Together, we can turn our dreams to reality!

Voice of Inayah Fathima Faeez

Inayah Fathima Faeez is an ardent reader and writer from Gems United Indian School,Abu Dhabi. Her dream is to become a world renowned author and bureaucrat. Inayah hopes to encourage SDG 11-Sustainable Cities and Communities as she believes development should be long lasting and benefit the generations to come. Inayah is 11.

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