• Winners of the first Voices of Future Generations Competition announced!

Watch the ceremony here:

We are excited to announce the first winners of Voices of Future Generations writing competition. Congratulations to all those who entered! 

The first winners of the Middle East edition of the Voices of Future Generations were announced at a digital award ceremony, streamed live from the Zabeel Ladies Club, Dubai on 27 September 2020. 

The judges have had a difficult task, as we have had so many wonderful stories perfectly capturing imaginative and insightful visions of what the world could be like and how we might all live together in a more sustainable and tolerant way.

The Winners:

1st place

Saira Thomas

For her story "The Green Warrior"

2nd place

Sashini Manikandan

For her story "Jamila’s Habibi'

3rd place

Shahid Fayis

For his story "Create the Chain"

Category winners:

Most Harmonious Inclusion of a theme

Ioana Stefanova 

Ioana Stefanova studies in Raha International School in Abu Dhabi. She is smart, funny and caring and loves reading about animals and nature. Ioana aspires to become a scientist and she wants to invent a device for cleaning the oceans. Her dream is to help animals in danger. She believes that all animals should have the right to live safe and free. Ioana is 9 years old.

Most Riveting Use of Language 

Mir Faraz 

Mir, 10, is a student at The Winchester School, Jebel Ali. Mir loves to read and believes that words are the most powerful tools of change in the world. A recipient of Diana Award 2020, Mir is deeply committed to environmental protection. He dreams of a world where every form of life is valued and respected, a world where every voice matters. 

Most Intriguing Plot 

Joshua Melwin

Joshua Melwin is a creative and helpful boy from School of Knowledge, Sharjah. His favourite activities include drawing, making stop motion films and reading books. His aspiration is to become a NASA Engineer or an animator and he dreams of making a famous full length animated film to entertain people. Joshua is 12 years old.

Most Creative Character 

Meghna Senthil Kumar 

Meghna Senthilkumar is Passionate reader and a fifth grader from Our Own English High school - Girls, Sharjah. Her Interests are reading, writing, astronomy and science. She’s is creative young girl and wants to be a renowned author. Her dream is to achieve gender equality and empower women and girls across the world because she believes that all humans should be treated as one and everyone should get equal opportunities . Meghna is 10 years old. 

Most Gripping Climax 

Hazza Al-Ameri

Hazza Al-Ameri is an enthusiastic learner from ADNOC schools. His favorite subject is social studies because he likes understanding today and the future based on historical events and he aspires to be an archeologist. His dream is to see more empathy towards the environment because he believes this leads towards changes. Hazza is 11 years old 

Most Authentic Voice 

Aditi Gandhi 

Aditi is a compassionate and committed eco-warrior from the Winchester School. Striving to make a difference, she volunteers and fundraises for humanitarian campaigns supporting education. A creative painter, radio show host and published author, she embraces every opportunity to raise awareness on social issues and work for a sustainable future to imperatively protect our precious planet. Aditi is 12 years old.

Most Captivating Setting

Saira Thomas 

Saira Thomas is a bubbly, friendly girl from Our Own English High School, Sharjah . Her favourite hobby is reading and she aspires to become a world renowned author. Her dream is to popularise vegetarianism because she believes that it can make the world a better place. Saira is 10 years old.

Most Compelling Solution in a story

Shahid Fayis

Shahid Fayis is a voracious reader and keen sportsman from Delhi Private School, Sharjah. He cares deeply for animals, treasures science and aspires to become a scientist. His dream is to see a more habitable world. He hopes to join hands in positive action towards climate change and improving the environment. Shahid is 11 years old.

Most Persuasive Point of View 

Sashini Manikandan 

Sashini Manikandan is a voracious reader from Delhi Private School, Sharjah. Her favorite subjects are Science and Maths and aspires to be in the government administration. Her dream is to protect all types of life as she strongly believes that nature has created everything for a reason. She loves to read books and helps everyone who seeks her help. Her friends lovingly call her Walking-Talking encyclopedia.

Most Thought-Provoking Dialogues 

Abrar Sirohey

Abrar Sirohey is an inquisitive 12 year old who lives in Dubai and is part of the DUNEHA group. He is passionate about physics and maths and wants to be an aerospace engineer or an architect when he grows up. He likes going to the beach early in the morning sometimes and is an enthusiastic self-taught piano student. He thinks that taking care of the world means the world will take care of us. He is fascinated by space exploration