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The Voices of Future Generations children’s webinars are back!

Cultivating Sustainability in Fiction Writing’ 

Starting 27 February 2024


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The webinars will take place on:

Integrating the SDG Theme
​Tuesday 27 February 2024 16.30-17.30

What critical questions can help me frame my story message or select my theme? How do I ensure that my story theme harmoniously blends into the story plot? How can I safeguard and strengthen my story idea to keep my reader connected and invested? Learn about distinct story features that support integration of your selected sustainable development goal and write a compelling fiction story.

The SDG Story Characters
​Wednesday 28 February 2024 16.30-17.30

What makes a story character memorable? How do we map a character’s journey to contribute meaningfully to the story plot? Does my choice of SDG or story theme guide the human values and characteristics of my story characters? Learn to engage character dialogues, thoughts and actions in your fiction story to highlight your story message and main idea.

​Thursday 29 February 2024 16.30-17.30

What does an SDG themed story plot look like? Which key elements keep a story plot together? How do I ensure the story theme does not get lost through the storytelling? How do I work around a specified word count to fairly define a problem and develop the solution? Learn all about creating a captivating story plot in fiction writing.

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