• Thinking Through 

    Writing Series

The Voices of Future Generations children’s webinars are back!

‘Thinking Through Writing Series’ 

Starting 9 November 2023


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The webinars will take place on:

Reasoning: Asking Questions
​Thursday 9 November 2023 16.30-17.30

Writers asking the right questions helps them develop important narratives and perspectives in a story. A guided question often leads to a targeted and focused piece of research on the chosen topic. Asking questions is an important comprehension strategy that is often engaged through reading and writing to understand text. Reasoning is part of the writing process that facilitates insightful and in-depth interpretation of the concept.

Creativity: Imagination
​Thursday 16 November 2023 16.30-17.30

Divergent thinking is all about imagination. It is the ability to find solutions using unconventional methods. The freedom to move outside predictable and familiar spaces to think adds more challenge to the process and trains the brain to often churn out more than one solution to the problem. Divergent thinkers believe in developing ideas and enjoy the creative struggle.

Synthesis: Evaluation
​Thursday 23 November 2023 16.30-17.30

​Synthesis is the highest order of thinking and lies in the ability of an individual to create an improbable connection, imagine an unthinkable scenario and find meaning through unpopular narrative. Respect for evidence leads the evaluation process and engaging with ideas at the synthesis level helps develop
strong communication skills..

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